MagniPartners is a financial advisory house with an edge. We care and have an opinion about the tasks we carry out and the workmanship we perform.

We say what we mean and are direct in our communication with clients and cooperation partners. Some might say ”very direct”. We take pride in engaging in a completely honest and open dialogue. Without this honesty it is not possible to find the optimal solutions. This is the reason why you get a dedicated partner in MagniPartners, who can also challenge you in certain ways.

At the same time it is important for us to listen to our clients. We deeply respect the opinions and desires of the client. However, this does not necessarily mean that we always agree with the client. Exactly this close interaction between us and the clients form the basis for creating efficient solutions.

At MagniPartners we do as we say, and we say as we do. This is why we never suggest any solution models which we ourselves do not believe in.

When cooperating with us the optimal solution is always in focus. Frequently standard solutions are not applicable on the sort of problems we are solving for our clients.

Therefore we often develop completely new and unique solution models for e.g. complicated financing tasks.